Southern Fried Chicken Batter

What ingredients do you need for the Southern Fried Chicken?

Vegetable oil
4 pounds of chicken pieces
2 tsp of black pepper
2 and a half cups of flour
2 tbsp of salt, a bit more for sprinkling
2 eggs
1 and a half cups of milk


You can start by preheating the oven to 200F and then add a rack in your large baking pan.
Place the eggs and milk in a medium bowl, then start whisking to blend properly.
Combine the pepper, salt, and flour in a resealable plastic food storage bag. Seal it, and then shake to ensure everything is combined adequately.
Now you want to add those chicken pieces in the egg and milk mixture above. Make sure that the excess drips back into the blow. Put all the dipped pieces aside. (source :
Add those pieces in the seasoned flour bag, then shake well to ensure that the pieces are coated properly.
Now you want to remove that to a place and repeat the process with all chicken pieces
You need to heat the oil in a heavy skillet up to 350F. As the skilled heats up, you do want to prepare a serving plate with paper towels on it.
Make sure that you fry your chicken pieces a few at a time. If you add too many pieces, this drops the oil temperature, so it’s crucial to avoid that as much as you can. Use your slotted spoon to the paper towel so you can drain everything properly. Then you can sprinkle it with salt.
All the drained/seasoned chicken should be added to the pan and rack. Keep it warm as you fry the other batches.

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