Oreo Cookie Cake

Oreo Cookie Cake 1

Cute, right? And the fact that the cake has exposed sides means less less frosting work, which is good news for me, because, as I’ve mentioned many times (and as you’ll see later), decorating baked goods is not my forte.

Anyway, thanks to using a boxed cake mix, this cake was super easy to make. It didn’t take long to whip up the filling or the chocolate glaze, and from the tastes I snuck of the filling, it is going to be delicious. The filling isn’t overly sweet, it tastes pretty light, and is chock-full of crushed Oreos. Yum!


  • One box of chocolate devil’s food cake (enough to make two 9″ cakes) and the ingredients required to make the cake*
  • 4 squares (4 ounces) of semisweet baker’s chocolate
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 8 oz cream cheese (reduced fat is OK), at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 cups Cool Whip, thawed
  • 12 Oreos, crushed
  • Additional Oreos for garnish, if desired

*You can make the cake from scratch if you want, too, but I am a big fan of Pillsbury’s chocolate devil’s food cake (the one that claims it has a “cup of pudding” in the mix). So fluffy, so moist!


Bake two 9″ round cakes from the box of cake mix, as instructed on the box. Let the cakes cool completely.

Oreo Cookie Cake 2

Crush the Oreos. I like to put them in a big Ziploc bag, then use the smooth side of a meat mallet to crush them.

Oreo Cookie Cake 3

It’s a great way to get out that hidden aggression; just don’t go overboard, or you’ll get Oreo dust.  You want some chunks in there.

Oreo Cookie Cake 4

In a large bowl, beat the softened cream cheese and the sugar together until well-blended and creamy.

Oreo Cookie Cake 5

Gently fold the Cool Whip and crushed Oreos into the cream cheese and sugar mixture. Try not to eat the filling straight from the bowl!

Oreo Cookie Cake 6

Put one layer of cake on your serving plate. Spread the filling evenly on top of the cake.

Oreo Cookie Cake 7
Oreo Cookie Cake 8
Oreo Cookie Cake 9

Top it with the other cake. Look, a giant Oreo!

Oreo Cookie Cake 10

Microwave the butter and chocolate on high for two minutes. Stir well, then let the mixture sit for five minutes. Don’t worry, it’ll thicken up and look like this:

Oreo Cookie Cake 11

Spread the glaze on top of the cake. Let the glazed cake sit for 10 minutes.

Oreo Cookie Cake 12

After the glaze has set a little, decorate the cake if you wish. I put a border of Oreos along the edge, then piped “Happy Birthday, Johnny” on it in icing. Please don’t laugh. I told you I’m really bad at fine handiwork. Can I lie and say that Jack wrote the message? Then you’d all be impressed instead of rolling with laughter at the terrible icing penmanship.

I’d like to point out that even though I’m (clearly) not talented at writing with icing, I put a comma after “birthday.” I could go on and on about it, but I’ll just say that it really bugs me when I see beautifully frosted birthday cakes without the comma after “happy birthday.” It ruins the whole thing for me, and I just want to reach out and put one in. The worst is when I see signs or banners at sporting events (this is usually on TV, because I don’t go to sporting events :)) without the comma. I don’t want you guys to start proofreading your comments to me, though. I’m not that bothered by mistakes in emails, blog entries or comments. For those of you who are interested in reading more about commas, I liked. OK, back to the topic at hand.

Store the cake, loosely covered, in the refrigerator until ready to serve. I decided to make it a day ahead of time so the filling can firm up a bit, and so the cookies in it can soften. The boys just about cried when I told them we couldn’t eat the cake tonight. We’re all counting down the minutes until tomorrow evening!