Caramel frosting

A glaze is obtained with a very pronounced taste of caramel. In terms of texture, however, it will be more jellified than the usual chocolate-based icings, which scared me at first but was not at all bothersome when tasting.

You need :

☞ 20cl Whole liquid cream
☞ 150g Powdered sugar
☞ 50g Butter
☞ Soft
Calories = High

* Preparation:

Pour the cream into a saucepan and bring about 7 min
Put the powdered sugar in a saucepan, sprinkling it with 6 tablespoons of water. Heat over medium heat until the consistency of a nutty caramel.
Immediately pour the cream on top, in several batches, boil 2 to 3 minutes without stopping mixing.
Off the heat, add the diced butter and continue to mix until creamy.

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