300 g Spaghetti
2 Lemons zest and juice
75 ml Double cream (heavy cream)
40 ml Olive oil
½ tsp Red pepper flakes
30 g Vegetarian parmesan cheese
Fresh basil leaves optional
Salt and pepper to taste


Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, cook your pasta according to packet directions, stirring occasionally. You always want to cook pasta al dente, so it’s cooked but still firm when you bite into it
300 g Spaghetti
Process shots for making lemon pasta recipe add heavy cream, lemon juice and red pepper flakes.
While the pasta is cooking, in a seperate pot or bowl, whisk together lemon juice, heavy cream (double cream), olive oil, red pepper flakes, vegetarian parmesan cheese, and lemon zest
2 Lemons,75 ml Double cream (heavy cream),40 ml Olive oil,½ tsp Red pepper flakes,30 g Vegetarian parmesan cheese
Process shots for making lemon pasta recipe add olive oil, vegetarian parmesan and lemon zest.
When the pasta is cooked, drain it but keep roughly 55 grams-¼ cup of pasta water. Return the cooked pasta to the pot and add in your lemon sauce, and, on medium heat, heat the pasta and lemon sauce, stirring constantly. Add a little of the pasta water to the sauce and keep adding a little at a time until you get the pasta sauce to the consistency that you prefer. Season with salt and pepper to taste
Salt and pepper
Process shots for making lemon pasta recipe combine, add al dente spaghetti, toss in creamy lemon pasta sauce and heat on medium heat.
Serve in bowls and garnish with finely grated parmesan cheese, lemon zest, and fresh basil leaves