I’m all over fast and simple recipes that save you hours in the kitchen. Oh, these days people all distracted, okay? Preparing dinner at the end of the day is complicated enough between your children’s interests and yours.
So fast and simple nutrition is perfect for every day. But when you try to run rid of all stops, there are moments-such as holiday gatherings and group dinners, . And it’s worth pushing a little deeper to make anything very spectacular for these special occasions, like those delicious -BEEF RIBS- also known as-Short ribs- are too expensive to make all the time. But they are sooooo worth it for a very special dinner.  Sweet, meaty, tasty, TENDER … oh yes THIS RECIPE IS A GRATIFICATION!!!
* A medium can Of “tomato paste”.
* 1 C. Of water.
* 1 C. Of ketchup.
* 3/4 C.Of brown sugar.
* 1/2 C.Of vinegar.
* 2 tbsp.Of mustard.
* 1 tbsp.Of salt.
* About 1kg/ or 2 lbs of beef back ribs.
*Step 1*In a large mixing bowl, mix the cup of water with ketchup, tomato paste, vinegar, brown sugar, prepared mustard, and salt, stirring to dissolve brown sugar and salt.
*Step 2*Clean, pat, rinse, and season the ribs with this sauce, rubbing both sides of the ribs.
Season the ribs at least 24 hours beforehand if necessary.
*Step 3*Give the ribs a shake and a rub about every 12 hours and transfer them to the refrigerator again. (Mention: At this stage, you can still freeze them to be used at a later date, only if the meat has not been frozen before) If you don’t have the time and need to prepare them on the day, they’ll still be delicious.
*Step 4*Place into the slow cooker (5/6 qt). Cook for approximately 5 hours, setting the cooker on Low.

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