Mexican fried chicken burger


150g Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips (Mild Mexican salsa) crumbled
9 Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips (mild Mexican salsa)
3 brioche buns
3 chicken thighs
1 egg -whisked
1 cup flour
1 avocado
Squeeze of lemon
3 tablespoons mayo
2 tablespoons chipotle sauce
500ml vegetable oil
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 small red onion -diced
1/2 red capsicum-diced
Handful of coriander -finely chopped
Squeeze of lemon


Grab a large bowl and add 150g of Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips. Using your hands crush the corn chips until you reach a crumb consistency. Set aside.
Grab 2 bowls and in each bowl add flour and a whisked egg. Firstly, coat the chicken in flour, dunk into the egg wash then coat with Tostitos Round Tortilla Chips crumbs. In this recipe I used the Salsa flavour, but I have also been loving the Chipotle and Sour Cream Flavour too! Use your hands so you can really push the crumbs into the chicken.
Place a pan over a medium to high heat with a generous amount of vegetable oil (about 500ml). Run your fingers under the tap and flick water into the hot oil. If it crackles, you’re good to go! Chuck the chicken in and cook until it’s golden brown and succulent.
Whilst the chicken is frying, grab a small bowl and add the salsa ingredients, give it a stir and set aside. Grab another small bowl and add mayo and chipotle, stir then set aside. Add avocado and a squeeze of lemon to a bowl, give it a mash then set aside.
Place a pan over a medium heat with a knob of butter. Once the butter has melted, add the brioche buns and toast until golden brown.
Let’s assemble! Add a dollop of chipotle mayo to both sides of the brioche bun. Top with crispy chicken, guacamole, 3 3 Tostitos Rounds Tortilla Chips and salsa then chuck the lid on.

Enjoy !!

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