chicken taquitos baked or fried

Tacos durados con pollo y salsa aguacate (chicken taquitos with avocado salsa)
Mommabears way 🐾


Tacos durados
6-8 chicken thighs
Korr seasoning (chicken bouillion)
1/2onion 🌰
1 package of corn tortillas
Queso fresco
Crema (Mexican sour cream)
Salsa aguacate 🥑
6 avocados
2 limes
2 jalapeños
1 tablespoon of white vinegar


Rinse chicken and boil in water with Korr seasoning and 1/2 onion for about 45 min until fully cooked, then shred chicken and set aside. Heat oil in a skillet medium heat, warm tortillas in microwave for 1 minute and add chicken in the middle and roll. When oil is ready deep fry until crisp. Serve with chopped lettuce , Mexican crema (sour cream) , salsa aguacate , and queso fresco.

Blend avocados with a handful of cilantro, juice from 2 limes, salt to taste, jalapeños, white vinegar, and a bit of water to help liquify.
ENJOY !!!! 😀😀

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