Agua de Frutas La Michoacana

Agua de Frutas La Michoacana 1
Agua de Frutas La Michoacana🍎🍓🍑🍌🥤I make this drink when my family wants something a little sweet but refreshing at the same time. 🤤🤤


2 peaches 🍑
2 apples 🍎
1 plantano (plantain)🍌 or banana
1 package of strawberries 🍓
1 14 oz of sweet condensed milk
2 cans of evaporated milk
7 cups of water
1 packet of strawberry koolaide
Ice 🧊


Blend 1 apple, 1 peach, about 10 strawberries, 1 plantano (plantain) ,with 3 cups of water. Strain into a pitcher and add sweet condensed milk, evaporated milks, 1 koolaide packet , and 4 cups of water . Stir everything together and add some diced apples, peaches and strawberries. Serve cold or with ice and ENJOY