Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 13 mins | Total Time: 23 mins | Servings: 1 13-inch pizza

It’s pizza day, and the menu is our favorite, white pizza. It’s a classic pizza with a whole-wheat blend crust. It is the most impressive cheesy, oily, and garlic-y pizza! So delicious, I can eat this every day!

Thursday is pizza day! My kids are always excited whenever it is almost “the day”. We always love white pizza. The garlicky flavor, oil, and cheese for me is the perfect combo. One day, I decided to try making pizza at home. The first pizza I made is a white pizza, and it turned out just as good, if not more!

If you decide to make pizza at home, I suggest that you give this white pizza recipe a try. It’s incredibly easy to throw together and does not require a whole lot of ingredients, and effort.


3 tbsp olive oil

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