Vegan Dinner Speckled Butter Beans, Crowder Peas and Meatloaf

My Very First Vegan Christmas / Dinner
Speckled Butter Beans & Crowder Peas
w/Okra, Collards, Buttered Cobbed Corn, Impossible Meatloaf, Macaroni, Sweet Potatoes and Sticky Butter Cornbread…….
Did I Mention This Was All Vegan!!


Add impossible ground beefless, panko bread crumbs, onions and green peppers, vegan worcestershire, black pepper, garlic powder and creole seasoning, 1 Tbs of mushroom bouillon.

form your loaf and brush your sauce on top (I used bbq sauce) spray your baking sheet with non stick spray and bake at 400° about 20-25 minutes …remove from oven then serve

Boil your pasta according to the box directions…strain and set aside….in a sauce pan on *medium low heat* add a little flour and vegan butter …whisk until your roux come together.

add vegan milk and a splash of coconut milk and slowly add your cheese
(I used Creamy Chao and Violife Cheddar shreds) using a spatula to stir … add more cheese..

stir continuously until cheese melts completely or to your liking… in a baking dish slowly add half of the pasta and cheese mixture …add more violife shreds.. then add the rest of the pasta and cheese sauce.

top with more shreds then bake covered with foil at 400° about 10 minutes..uncover and bake another 10 minutes or to your satisfaction… hope this helps!!

add frozen beans to pot with water … add 2 bay leaves, about 3 tablespoons of each no chicken bouillon and vegetable bouillon

add chopped onion and minced garlic, bold creole seasoning and coarse black pepper let that cook about 35 minutes on medium low heat then add chopped sweet red and orange peppers and frozen okra cook another 25 minutes.

remove from heat and serve

**I dont have a real recipe I cook as I go, let the ancestors guide your seasoning portions…


Vegetarian Jiffy Mix cooked according to box instructions, substitute with vegan milk and just egg….while that’s cooking in a bowl add vegan butter and agave syrup and stir (butter does not need to be melted) once bread is removed from oven brush the top with vegan butter agave syrup mix


I used no chicken bouillon and vegetable bouillon *measured by eye* black pepper, garlic powder, creole seasoning, splash of liquid smoke and chickless seasoning (from trader joes) cooked in dutch oven about 50 minutes.. you can cook to your desired tendernes.

I hope this helps!!

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