Made spicy stir fry from scratch. Yes I forgot the seeds in the jalapeno 10/10 ⭐

Sauce: 2tbs sesame oil 2tbs Hoisin sauce 1/2tbs soy sauce 4tbs water

•Heat the sauce up until it mixes together and starts to caramelize A LITTLE. Remove and set aside. Add a tbs of sesame oil and cook choice of meat for 5min. I used vegan sausage (Field roast- apple and sage)

•After meat has browned, add garlic, broccoli and cook with meat for 2-5min then add the rest of your veggies. I used half of a red bell pepper, half a zucchini, and a whole jalapeno.

•Season to your liking, I added Himalayan salt, tons of pepper, sesame seeds, and smoked paprika.

•Cook veggies until soft then add noodles. I used pre packaged Kame Hokkien noodles (1) and cooked that for 2-5min then add the sauce from earlier, mix in and cook an additional 2-5min on low.

This is not mine, got it off the back of Kame udon noodles. It made about 3-4 servings

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