This is CONEY sauce. Not chili! Ten stars! just upped the ketchup a bit.also try adding dry minced onion instead of fresh. gives it bolder onion flavor.i also reduced vinegar.if you put meat in food processor it makes it more of a classic coney consistency. then to make the flavor really cook together well, i slow cooked in the crock pot.

– This recipe was absolutely great!! The only things I modified were I added a little bit more ketchup and a little bit more Worcestershire sauce.(just a little) I am a true chili dog fan and at first, I thought this recipe would not compare to my traditional chili that I make for hot dogs. But now, this is my new recipe! Thanks Grandpa!

– Excellent coney sauce. This not a chili dog recipe. There is a difference between a coney and a chili dog. If you want a chili dog, search for a chili dog recipe. I used one of those hand blenders (boat motors) to get the meat fine after I added the sauce.

– This was so good that my husband couldn’t stop and ate 4 coneys! He said it was a little sweet, but really good. My son thought it was really good but different from the chili type sauce he is used to. Both of them have said they want this again. I thought this was almost like sweet tomatoey sloppy joes. I did add water to the beef in the skillet before I cooked it so it would break into fine pieces instead of being chunky when it browned. Thanks for posting this Sean, your Grandpa’s sauce is a hit!

– My family and my neighbors really enjoyed this recipe. Using one of those hand blenders I followed the suggestion from a previous review. And found that to be so helpful and handy….now I know how Taco Bell’s taco meat is always this way. I will totally make this again and now use my hand blender in other uses like this. This gets my 5 star. I didn’t change not one thing to this recipe. Everyone had more then one hot dog. Thanks

1/4 Lbs.- Hamburger
1- Large Onion
1/2- C. Sugar
1/2- C. Chili Powder
1/2- C. Ketchup
1&1/2- C. Water

Chop Onion
Mix Hamburger & Onion in skillet
Brown Hamburger & Onion until Hamburger is done.
Put mixture back in skillet and add remaining ingredients.
Simmer 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
Serve on Hot Dogs.
Can be frozen until ready to use

Enjoy!! And don’t forget to say something if you like the recipe! Saying Anything is good, we’d love to know your feedback ! Thank you.!!❤

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