ALL TIME FAVORITE Chocolate Pudding and Pie Filling Homemade By Freda

I know some of you say, “OH NO NOT FROM SCRATCH”, But believe me, Nothing compares, to Scratch taste. This pudding is such an easy recipe, You’ll wonder why you ever buy a box. This Chocolate Pudding is So creamy and is my all time favorite. Top this Pie with Sweetened Whipped Cream and you have one delicious Pie. My Mom says its from a box of Hersheys Cocoa, I have No clue, But it has been a family favorite for a very long time.
-This recipe would be great, as long as you are sure to note that the amount of salt suggested is nearly 4 times the amount called for in similar recipes, so may not be to your taste. Out of 9 guests who tried this, 5 found it inedible only because of the saltiness. Even my chocolate-loving sister declined to take home leftovers. If you lower the salt to 1/4 teaspoon, then I think you’d have a wonderfully delicious and easy recipe without the added chemicals of a box mix. I bake pies regularly, and never have I had such a flop making a recipe as written.
-My husband and I love this pie.He says it’s the best chocolate pie he’s ever eaten. It is so much easier than the pie I used to make.It will be made a lot at our house.Thank You for such a great pie recipe and the pie has always came out great for me with no eggs.
-I made this for the first time 3 weeks ago and it turned out perfect just as written! I made it again today for a dinner this weekend as the main ingredient in a chocolate cheesecake, then will likely make it again for Thanksgiving. Set up perfect! Great recipe! Turned out just as perfect today as 3 weeks ago .. in fact, I was substituting it for instant pudding, so had to wait til it cooled to put it on top of the cream cheese-whipped cream mixture. Let it cool, whipped it a bit, and it turned out smooth and beautiful and sooo delicious!

I’d not made a chocolate pie except from pudding/pie filling mixes, so this was an experiment. Now I seriously wonder why I would ever buy mixes that have so much artificial taste about them. Never again. It didn’t take but a minute or two more than opening a mix … measuring a half a dozen ingredients — what is that to the wonderful taste you get?!!

My whipped cream topping didn’t do nearly as well as it usually does, so that looked rather flat on the first pies I made 3 weeks ago, yet the pies both disappeared as fast or faster than any other dessert at the dessert-laden table!

Cook time: 25 Min Prep time: 5 Min Serves: (1) 9″ pie or 6 -8Cups
1/2 Cup Hershey’s cocoa powder
1 1/8 Cup sugar ( add sparingly, then taste test if you need more add more)
1/3 Cup cornstarch
1 tsp salt
3 Cups milk
3 TBS butter
1 1/2 tsp good vanilla extract
1. In Med saucepan, Mix all dry ingredients, Whisk well.
2. Gradually add Milk to Dry ingredients in Saucepan. whisk til Smooth and well blended.
3. Cook over Med High Heat. Stir Constantly. Mixture will come to a Boil. Boil 1 Min.
4. REMOVE from HEAT. Add Butter and Vanilla. Whisk to Blend.
5. Pour into Serving dishes, or into Cooled Baked 9″ Pie Crust. Cover with Plastic wrap. Cool in refer. 4-6 hrs. Or till firm. Top with Chilled Sweetened Whip Cream. Serves 6-8.
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